Skip Tracing for Walnut Creek, CA

When it comes to legal issues, people love to use dirty tricks to cheat the system. Trying to hide is just one of those ways your case can get out of control. If you are on the hunt for someone on the run, don’t fret. D&T Legal Services has the top talent needed to track down troublesome tricksters. Our skip tracers can find people in Walnut Creek, CA, throughout Contra Costa County and beyond! 

  • Can’t figure out where a witness is hiding? 
  • Don’t know where a defendant is ducking out? 
  • Problems serving papers to someone shy?
  • Can’t collect on a debt because the losing party can’t be found? 

D&T Legal Services is here to track down your problem makers all throughout Contra Costa County. Skip tracing in Walnut Creek, CA is one of our specialties here. Let us give you a helping hand. Put our years of experience to work for you today! 

What is Skip Tracing in Walnut Creek, CA?

In simple terms, Skip Tracing means finding people wherever they may be. People love to run away from their problems. D&T Legal Services doesn’t stand for such nonsense. We employ some of the best people finders in California. If you need someone found, we have your back. 

How Does D&T Legal Services’ Skip Tracing Work in Walnut Creek? 

The first step in finding hard-to-find people is to tackle public records. Many people are surprised just how much information there is about you out there in public records. D&T Legal Services can navigate this massive mess of paperwork to find your target quickly and easily. Some of the records we look at include: 

  • Court records
  • Local business licenses records
  • Post office forwarding address checks 
  • Credit reports
  • Job applications
  • Loan applications 
  • Utility bills, such as gas and sewage
  • Public tax records
  • Criminal background checks

Need something simple, such as the new address of a defendant that disappeared overnight? D&T Legal Services can find out where your problems have run off to. Please note that the more information you give us to work with at the start, the quicker we’ll find what or whom you are looking for! 

Finding the Unfindable: Service by Publication in Walnut Creek

If our team can’t track down your person of interest through records, don’t worry. D&T Legal Services can help you navigate the paperwork to publish a Service by Publication. This is a convenient way to keep your case moving when the other party can’t be found. 

When you can’t track someone down by normal means, the courts allow you to use Service by Publication. You’ll first have to perform an investigation, which our skip tracing covers. With that taken care of, you can petition the local courts to allow you to publish the servicing documents in a Walnut Creek newspaper. Just as we make skip tracing quick and easy, D&T Legal Services can handle this issue for you with speed and grace. 

Don’t let your problems try to hide! Find the help you need in the Walnut Creek, CA and beyond! Contact us today to get D&T Legal Services working for you!