Skip Tracing for San Ramon, CA

Legal cases are so rarely problem-free. One of the biggest problems you’re likely to face is just tracking down the other parties. Defendants think they can run from their issues. Witnesses get spooked and try to sneak away. It can be a major headache. D&T Legal Services has the prescription for your ailment: skip tracing. We can find your runaways whether they are still in San Ramon, or in Contra Costa County or if they’ve left town completely. 

  • Debtors that would rather run than pay up are no match for our trackers.  
  • Defendants may be able to run, but they cannot hide from our team. 
  • Witnesses wishing not to testify will wish you had not hired us. 

When it comes to finding people that do not want to be found, D&T Legal Services delivers. We have the training, tricks and experience you need to take your legal battle to the next stage. With hundreds of thousands of cases since 1984, we know the Bay Area’s hiding spots very well. You can be sure that if someone can be found, we will find them. 

What is Skip Tracing?

When people go on the run or go into hiding, chances are they will leave a trail. That is where skip tracing comes in. In a sense, skip tracing is simply the art of finding people. If you need someone found in the Bay, your best bet for a first step is to consult one of our skip tracers.

How Does D&T Legal Services’ Skip Tracing Work? 

Finding the trail someone has left behind isn’t always hard, you just need to know where to look. Public records are a great way to track down people that do not want to be found. Paper and digital trails are created in so many different ways these days. 

If your target lives, works, or buys things in San Ramon, they’re going to make some digital noise. All but the most ingenious troublemakers are bound to turn up in one database or another. When they do, our skip tracers will find them for you. Some of the records at our disposal include, but are not limited to: 

  • Phone numbers
  • Real Estate/Property ownership 
  • Professional licenses
  • Secretary of State records
  • Fictitious business name records
  • UCC And State of Equalization records

Combing through all these records can take a lot of effort. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it yourself. Our affordably-priced people finders can handle the hassle for you. 

Did a potential witness give you a phony phone number? We can track down their real digits for you. Does someone owe you a debt that you can’t collect without their address? We can locate their new home address in the Bay Area with ease.

Get Help with Service by Publication in San Ramon

In some rare cases, people are just too good at not being found. Perhaps they live off the grid. Maybe they’ve disappeared out of state. Whatever the reason is, that doesn’t mean you are out of options. If we cannot find your target in the Bay Area or beyond, D&T Legal Services can help you navigate the Service by Publication process. 

Service by Publication does what it sounds like: you can serve legal documents “by publication”. You are able to petition the courts to allow you to publish your service documents in a Contra Costa County area newspaper, rather than directly to the person. Do note, however, that you’ll be required to perform an investigation before taking this route. This is why we offer our skip tracing services first and foremost. 

Don’t let troublemakers make a fool of you! Contact us to get D&T Legal Services on the hunt for your target today!