Skip Tracing for Martinez, CA

Dealing with non-compliant debtors, defendants and witnesses is one of the biggest hassles of any court battle. If you need help tracking down an individual that has gone missing, D&T Legal Services is here to help. We proudly serve the attorneys, businesses and residents of Martinez, CA. Our skip tracers are some of the best in the business. We are ready and able to help you dig up details on individuals such as: 

  • Debtors who have been successfully sued and turned to running rather than paying up.
  • Witnesses who have mysterious vanished rather than showing up to court to testify.
  • Defendants who have gone on the run when their case turned against them.

If you are facing a situation like one of those mentioned above, contact us today. Our skip tracers are like bloodhounds just waiting for the scent of a troublemakers. If you need someone to be found in Contra Costa County or beyond, your best bet is a D&T Legal Services skip tracer. 

What is Skip Tracing in Martinez?

Skip tracing can be summed up as finding people that do not wish to be found. We employ a variety of methods to dig up the dirty secrets of those on the run or in hiding. At D&T Legal Services, we hate to see someone denied justice just because they can’t find the other party. Put us on the hunt for your legal prey today! 

How Does Skip Tracing Work in Martinez? 

The primary way we track down such secretive folks is to comb through the various public records available today. Just about everything someone does in today’s world leaves a digital track that can be followed back to them. When we are on the search, we look at records such as: 

  • Real Estate/Property ownership 
  • Professional licenses
  • Court records
  • Local business licenses records
  • Job applications Loan applications 

Our skip tracers work hard to find those trying to evade the law, but that doesn’t mean they are expensive to hire. Our team can locate information such as a newly-registered phone number of recently-rented apartment address for you. We rely in part on the quality and quantity of the information you provide us on your target. We work quicker and less costly if you give us a good head start. 

What is a Service by Publication in Martinez?

Service by Publication is a great way to serve civil process legal documents when the person of interest cannot be found. If D&T Legal Services cannot find your target through our investigation methods, we can help you do so “by publication”. This method allows you to request that the courts give permission to publish the legal paperwork in a California newspaper from the Bay Area. 

The courts will require you to first perform a satisfactory investigation, such as through our skip tracing services. One way or another, D&T Legal Services is here to help you navigate these treacherous waters and get you the justice you deserve. We also offer additional attorney support such as service of process – let our team or professional process servers get to work for you.

Don’t let uncooperative third parties sink your case! Contact us today to get the team of D&T Legal Services on your side!