Skip Tracing for Danville, CA

Dang it, Dan! Why do you have to run and hide? Legal cases all too often involve “Dans” of one sort or another that don’t want to cooperate. If you’re having trouble tracking down a defendant, debtor or witness then D&T Legal Services can help. Our skip tracing team can help you find your “Dan” wherever they may be in Danville, CA, Contra Costa County or beyond. 

  • Deadbeat Dad Dan trying to hide from his child support? 
  • Disinterested Dan the witness would rather run than testify? 
  • Dangerous Dan scammed you and now you successfully sued him but he’s on the run? 

If you have a man like Dan you need to find, D&T Legal Services is here to help. Get our skip tracing experts on the hunt and we’ll have the details in no time! 

What is Skip Tracing in Danville?

Skip Tracing is a legal term for people finding. The experts at D&T Legal Services use a variety of tools and tactics to locate your target wherever they may be. We can find the “skip” wherever they may be hiding by “tracing” their location. Dan can run, but he cannot hide for long! 

How Does D&T Legal Services’ Skip Tracing Work in Danville? 

Public records are more prevalent and extensive than ever before. From phone numbers to job applications, there is a database for just about everything you do. For innocent people, this is rarely an issue. For less scrupulous individuals, this means it is harder than ever to cover up your tracks. Our team has access to a huge variety of public records. We can pick up the trail using sources such as: 

  • Phone numbers
  • Real Estate/Property ownership 
  • Professional licenses
  • Secretary of State records
  • Court filings and records
  • Credit reports
  • Criminal background checks

If you need details on a person you are dealing with in California, D&T Legal Services can help. Need Dan’s new address? We’ll find out where Dan has set up shop. The more detail you can provide on your target, the quicker our skip trace efforts will be. So be sure to provide plenty of detail on your man! 

Finding the Unfindable: Service by Publication

Sometimes the most devious Dans are just too well hidden to track down through normal methods. In these cases, Service by Publication is a great alternative. Can’t find Dan? Maybe the local newspaper can. 

D&T Legal Services is here every step of the way to guide you through the Service by Publication process. You will have to petition the courts to let you publish your service documents in a local newspaper. Before you can take your case to the press, however, you’ll likely be required to investigate yourself. That’s why D&T Legal Services offers our skip tracing services first and foremost. 

Don’t let your legal opponents run and hide! Get a skip trace on the case! If you need someone found in the Bay Area or beyond, contact D&T Legal Services today!