Process Server for San Ramon, CA

Process service, or delivering legal documents, is a lot more complicated than it may seem. If only it were so easy! With so many different rules and regulations, legal document delivery can be too much to deal with! 

At D&T Legal Services, we are here to help ease your burdens. You have enough to take care of. Let us take a load off your back. We can handle all your legal document delivery needs in Contra Costa County and beyond. Whether it takes a few minutes or a few days, a same-day delivery or a multi-night stakeout, we are at your service.

Do Not Make a Mistake You Cannot Afford in San Ramon

Every step of the legal process is littered with steps to follow and processes to prepare for. Document delivery is, unfortunately, no different. It is far too easy to miss a seemingly simple step that could cost you your case. Let D&T Legal Services handle your legal support services today! 

With over 300,000 assignments since 1984, from the Bay Area to California & beyond, our experience speaks for itself. We have a talented team that can take you to victory. Rest assured that your court filings are in good hands with the experienced team at D&T Legal Services! 

Our Top-Tier Team Is Here For You in San Ramon

Bonded. Insured. Registered. These three words describe every one of the professional process servers on the D&T Legal Services team. We hire only the best. You can trust our highly-trained process servers to handle your needs with professionalism, care and speed. 

You can also trust our team to take care of your privacy. After all, legal documents are a treasure trove of personal information. The last thing you want is for that information to fall into the wrong hands. Our extensive background checks and multi-layer insurance means we have only the most trustworthy team members. You can trust D&T Legal Services to protect your privacy as we operate throughout the San Ramon area. 

You also won’t have to worry about where we are in the delivery process. D&T Legal Services ensures that all our process servers provide timely updates on the status of our services. You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the service of process. We even provide proofs of service once delivery has been successfully completed. 

Pick the Service that is Right for You

At D&T Legal Services, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality for our prices. We know that sometimes document delivery can take just a few hours, and other times days or even weeks. It may even require an overnight stay! As such, we offer many different price points dependent upon time of day, location of delivery and more. 

  • Our process servers can handle document delivery throughout San Ramon. We will make several attempts throughout the week for no additional charge. 
  • You can hire our team to stake-out a location for as long as it takes. You’re legal foes can’t hide in the night time shadows just to dodge our deliveries! 

Routine Service (First attempt in 72 hours. Two to three attempts per week.)

Contra Costa and Alameda counties $75 min
All other counties in California $90 min
Remote areas, hills, mountains $110 min
Notary & out of state affidavit (add) $25
Serves going outside of California $135 min

Rush Service (First attempt in 24 hours. Service attempted almost daily.)

Contra Costa & Alameda counties $115 min
All other counties (Overnight mail and fax extra) $130 min

Substituted Service

Diligence report and proof of mailing $10 + postage
Field Locate $30
Copies .15¢ /page
File proof $25 min

Do Today Assignments

Service of process, court filings, recordings and deliveries $55 /hour + .55¢ /mile

Stake Out (Minimum two hours.)

Between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. $70 /hour + .55¢ /mile
Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. $85 /hour + .55¢ /mile

Don’t rely on amateurs you handle your most sensitive information! D&T Legal Services is your home for all legal document delivery needs! Contact us today to hire some of the most experienced process servers in the San Francisco Bay Area!