Process Server for Martinez, CA

“Why do I need someone to deliver a few pieces of paper?” “What is a process server?” “Why are there so many rules about legal documents?!” Do these questions sound familiar? 

If you have paperwork that needs to be handed over to a third party in a legal case in Martinez, CA – it isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Process servers in Martinez are specially trained individuals who handle the hassle of document delivery for you. 

The last thing you need is your court case being disrupted by a mistake you did not know you made. Get the legal support services you can rely on in Contra Costa County, throughout the state of California, and beyond. Trust the local D&T Legal Services team to get your summons, depositions and other court filings delivered quickly, efficiently, and absolutely legally. 

How to Avoid Making a Mistake You Cannot Afford in Martinez

Like an enormous onion, the legal world is layer after layer of laws and regulations. The seemingly simple act of delivering legal documents is no different. Many people would be amazed just how many steps there are and how much scrutiny there is over the process. You need someone that can support you through the process of service problem-free. Someone such as the California process servers from D&T Legal Services. 

The D&T Legal Services team has decades of experience in the process server realm. With over 300,000 assignment in the Bay Area and beyond, we know how to avoid problems others fail at. We have worked from everyone from attorneys to teachers. You can’t find a better party to make sure your case avoids starting off with any process service problems. Start your case off on the right foot in California court. 

Our Top-Tier Team Is Here For You in Martinez 

D&T Legal Services has a huge team of professional process servers ready to conquer your court document needs. Our trained servers are all registered, insured and bonded for your peace of mind. 

Our process servers protect and serve your documents with great care towards your private information. Legal documents often contain very personal information. You can trust us to ensure your details do not fall into the wrong hands. 

We carefully track and update our customers on every step of the serving process. You’ll get the latest reports on how our operation is proceeding. Upon completion of delivery, we proudly provide proof of service you can take to court. 

Pick the Service that is Right for You 

D&T Legal Services has the range of legal support services you need at a price you can afford. 

  • Need someone to deliver a summons? Our servers will make multiple attempts over the week to deliver. 
  • Going after a notoriously hard-to-find night owl? Our servers can stake out a location overnight and catch them under the cover of darkness. 
  • Is the target of your delivery outside the Martinez, CA area? Are they perhaps even across state lines? We’ll gladly go the distance for you. 

Routine Service (First attempt in 72 hours. Two to three attempts per week.)

Contra Costa and Alameda counties $75 min
All other counties in California $90 min
Remote areas, hills, mountains $110 min
Notary & out of state affidavit (add) $25
Serves going outside of California $135 min

Rush Service (First attempt in 24 hours. Service attempted almost daily.)

Contra Costa & Alameda counties $115 min
All other counties (Overnight mail and fax extra) $130 min

Substituted Service

Diligence report and proof of mailing $10 + postage
Field Locate $30
Copies .15¢ /page
File proof $25 min

Do Today Assignments

Service of process, court filings, recordings and deliveries $55 /hour + .55¢ /mile

Stake Out (Minimum two hours.)

Between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. $70 /hour + .55¢ /mile
Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. $85 /hour + .55¢ /mile