Judgment Collection for Walnut Creek, CA

Winning your court case may seem like the end of your issues. However, all too often it can be just the beginning of your troubles. Taking people to court is one thing. Actually collecting on your award is another entirely. Thankfully, D&T Legal Services is here to help. If you are owed money in the Walnut Creek region, we are ready to aid you. 

  • Need help contacting an employer to employ wage garnishment?
  • Need help bullying the debtor’s bank into giving you back your bucks? 
  • Need help laying a claim on the other party’s property as payment? 

If you need help with wage garnishments, bank levies or property liens in the San Francisco Bay area, D&T Legal Services is here to help.  

Collecting Your Cash: How It Works in Walnut Creek

Before you rush off to try to collect your cash, be careful. In California, debtors have a month to appeal the court’s decision in debt repayment litigation. We tell all our clients to lay low and let the clock run out, rather than alerting the other side to their options. You want payment, not more attorneys! 

After the appeal period has passed, you are free to go about collecting payment. This is where things get tricky, however. You’ll have multiple ways to gather your award, none of which are simple. D&T Legal Services can help you find the best path to payment and deal with all the paperwork involved. 

Wage Garnishments in Walnut Creek

The first step in debt collection, more often than not, is to try to collect from the debtor’s next paycheck. California employers are required to comply with such orders. The good news: you may be able to collect as much as 25% of the debtor’s net wages. The bad news: low-income debtors are often hard, if not impossible, to garnish wages from. 

Bank Levies in Walnut Creek

Another way to collect your cash requires that you know where the debtor keeps it. If you know the bank or credit union they use, you can order a bank levy to get into their account. This requires local law enforcement, usually a sheriff, to serve the order.

Of course, this requires prior knowledge of the bank or credit union your debtor uses. This is rarely something you can easily find out. However, D&T Legal Services has dedicated skip tracing teams that may be able to search for the details for you. 

Also note that this method rarely works more than once. Your debtor is sure to move their money to a new location after the first attempt. 

Real Estate Levies in Walnut Creek

Last on the list of options: taking payment from their property directly. If your debtor owns property in the Walnut Creek area or beyond, D&T Legal Services can help you lay claim. A real estate levy lets you collect part of the payment when the other party tries to sell their property. This can take quite a while, or may never happen at all, however.

From wage garnishments to real estate levies, you have options for collecting on debts! From businesses to private individuals, we are here for you! Contact us today to get help getting the money you are owed! 

Judgement Collection Service Fees

Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments (Client to provide writ, instructions, and pertinent documents.)

Contra Costa & Alameda Counties $160 min + Sheriff’s fee
All Other Counties $210 min + Sheriff’s fee
Document Preparation $25
Writ of Execution $85
Two Day Rush Service add $45 – $80

Real Estate

Levy or Attachments $300 min + Sheriff and Recorder fees