Judgment Collection for San Ramon, CA

Congratulations, you won your court case and were awarded a settlement! Sounds like it is all over, right? Sadly, that isn’t so. Collecting on debts in Contra Costa County is rarely a small, simple step. Thankfully, D&T Legal Services is here to help. We specialize is debt collection aid in the San Ramon region and beyond. 

  • Need help garnishing the wages of a wayward debtor? 
  • Need help to find and convince the bad guy’s bank to hand over the cash? 
  • Need help laying claim to some of the defendant’s property in place of payment? 

D&T Legal Services has the experience you need on your side when navigating the debt collection process. We have handled hundreds of thousands of similar cases in our decades of service in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can trust our attorneys to get you the money you deserve. 

Collecting Your Cash: How It Works in San Ramon

The debt collection process is a “walk, don’t run” situation. Before you can even start moving against the debtor in litigation, you will have to wait at least 30 days. This is time the other party has to appeal in California. There’s no need to rush them. They might just forget to appeal if you don’t remind them they have to pay up. 

With the 30 day wait period over, you have three main pathways to payment. D&T Legal Services is ready and able to help you with all three of these means. We even help with Writs of Execution. Search no further for litigation support in San Francisco and beyond! 

Wage Garnishments in San Ramon

Option number one for debt collection is to go after the source: the debtor’s place of business. San Ramon debtors can have their wages garnished to pay off debts. We help our clients collect from the debtor as much as 25% of net wages towards their repayment.

Do note that there are some restrictions. For example, low enough income from the other party can exempt them from garnishment. Chances are if someone owes you money, they may not make enough in the first place. 

Bank Levies in San Ramon

Option number two for debt collection is to take it to the bank. If you know where the debtor banks in the San Ramon region or beyond, you can take payment from their accounts. 

Of course, this method requires you to know where the other party keeps their cash. That information is often much harder to acquire than their place of employment. D&T Legal Services offers skip tracing as a way to dig up such details. 

Real Estate Levies in San Ramon

If the first two options fail you, option number three is to go after their property as repayment. Putting a real estate levy in place entitles you to a portion of the proceeds from the sale of such belongings. There is no guarantee the debtor will try to sell off their possessions, however. A real estate levy or lien only lasts ten years in San Ramon, as well. 

Real estate levies aren’t a magic trick, however. It can often be a big “if”, and possibly a never “when”. You may not be able to force the other party to sell their belongings. California law also limits levies to a ten-year term. 

Don’t let debtors run away with your rightfully-owed dollars! You’ve found a firm you can rely on: D&T Legal Services! Contact us today to get the help you need collecting on the debts you are owed in San Ramon and beyond!

Judgement Collection Service Fees

Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments (Client to provide writ, instructions, and pertinent documents.)

Contra Costa & Alameda Counties $160 min + Sheriff’s fee
All Other Counties $210 min + Sheriff’s fee
Document Preparation $25
Writ of Execution $85
Two Day Rush Service add $45 – $80

Real Estate

Levy or Attachments $300 min + Sheriff and Recorder fees