Judgment Collection for Martinez, CA

Winning a legal judgment is certainly cause for celebration. However, debt collection is rarely fun and games. People rarely pay up unless they are forced to. If you are owed money D&T Legal Services have been serving Martinez, CA for many years and can help you get your reward. 

  • Garnishing the wages of a wayward debtor is one option available to you. 
  • Going after the bank accounts and savings of your debtor is another option you can pursue. 
  • Getting a cut of the sale of a debtor’s real estate a third option for recovering your cash. 

D&T Legal Services has the experience you need on your side when navigating the debt collection process. We have handled hundreds of thousands of similar cases in our decades of service in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can trust our attorneys to get you the money you deserve. 

Collecting Your Cash: How It Works

Fresh off the high of winning your court case, it is easy to think you can rush into collection. WRONG! California law gives debtors time to appeal the court’s decision. You have as much as thirty days before you can make your first move. Don’t react too quickly, or you’ll tip off the other party that they need to do something to stop you! The last thing you need is more time-wasting litigation! 

After you’ve waited a month, it is time to get started on judgment collection. D&T Legal Services recommends three main ways to collect on debts: wage garnishments, bank levies, and real estate liens. We are ready and able to help you with all three of these methods. We can also help you file the necessary Writ of Execution to do so. 

Wage Garnishments

If you’ve ever owed a debt yourself, you may have ran into wage garnishments first hand. In California, wage garnishments are our first recommendation for judgment collection.

Businesses must comply with wage garnishments. You’ll be able to get a piece of the debtor’s paychecks even before they get paid themselves. As much as 25% of a paycheck’s net wages can go towards garnishments. 

Wage garnishment does come with some complications, however. Low income debtors may be partially or entirely exempt from garnishment. 

Bank Levies

Do you know what bank your debtor keeps their cash in? Then you are in luck. While this information is often hard to acquire, it makes debt collection quite easy. Rather than go after the person’s paychecks, you can search their savings. A bank levy allows you access to their accounts to pay off your debts.

You first have to know where they bank, however. Our skip tracing team can help you track down this information.

Another problem is that you can usually only get away with a bank levy once. If you don’t collect your full debt the first time, the other party can move their money somewhere else. 

Real Estate Levies

Does your debtor not make enough to qualify for a wage garnishment? Do they not have enough savings to be worth raiding? They may hold property you can make a claim against instead. Homes, condos and land in the Contra Costa County or San Francisco Bay Area are all potential targets for a real estate levy. 

Real estate levies allow you to get part or all of the proceeds from the sale of your debtor’s property. However, this requires that the property go up for sale in the first place. There is no guarantee this will happen. It can take years for a debtor to make a move towards selling their property. In Martinez and California as a whole, real estate levies last a maximum of ten years. 

You deserve to get what you are owed! Whether a law firm or an individual, top searching for help, you can’t find better than D&T Legal Services! Contact us today to get paid! 

Judgement Collection Service Fees

Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments (Client to provide writ, instructions, and pertinent documents.)

Contra Costa & Alameda Counties $160 min + Sheriff’s fee
All Other Counties $210 min + Sheriff’s fee
Document Preparation $25
Writ of Execution $85
Two Day Rush Service add $45 – $80

Real Estate

Levy or Attachments $300 min + Sheriff and Recorder fees