Judgment Collection For Danville, CA

Winning a court case and being awarded a prize is just the first step to getting what you are owed. Judgment collection is complicated. It is a messy process. Need help in the Danville, Contra Costa County, or the San Francisco Bay Area as a whole? D&T Legal Services is ready to answer your call. We specialize in getting you what you are owed from a variety of methods, such as:

  • Going straight to the debtor’s bank and accessing their accounts. 
  • Getting a cut of the cash from the debtor’s future paychecks.
  • Getting a piece of the pie if the debtor tries to sell their real estate. 

Collecting Your Cash: How It Works in Danville 

Before you rush into trying to collect a debt, take a second to “stop and smell the roses”. California law states that debtors have as much as 30 days to file an appeal when they lose a litigation. You don’t get to grab their cash right away. All you’ll do by getting started too early is alert them to their options. You want the other side to pay off their debt, not hiring a law firm to start appeals! Wait out that 30 days! 

Once you’re ready to proceed, D&T Legal Services is here to help. We can provide aid with wage garnishments, bank levies and real estate liens to get you your just reward. We can also help with Writs of Execution to seize your prize. 

Wage Garnishments in Danville 

Wage garnishments are one of the best ways to collect your debts in Danville. Did you know that creditors are allowed to garnish as much as 25% of the debtor’s net wages? You can take your cut of their cash before they ever see it themselves. This method requires that the debtor has sufficient, if any, income though. A low enough income means you won’t be able to collect much if anything from your debtor this way. 

Bank Levies in Danville

Bank levies are another great options for debt collection in Danville. Do you know the bank or credit union where your debtor keeps their cash? You can order the bank to give you access to those funds. 

You have to know where the other party banks in the Danville region to use this method of course. That is rarely something people make public. D&T Legal Services can help with our talented skip tracing teams at your service. 

Another potential problem is that bank levies tend to only work once. You cannot stop your debtor from changing banks and moving their money after the first levy. 

Real Estate Levies in Danville

If the debtor does not have enough income for a garnishment, or you can’t figure out where they keep their cash, you aren’t out of options. You may be able to go after their property instead. If your debtor owns real estate such as a home or condo, you can put a levy on it. If and when it goes up for sale, you’ll be entitled to some or all of the proceeds. 

Real estate levies aren’t a magic trick, however. It can often be a big “if”, and possibly a never “when”. You may not be able to force the other party to sell their belongings. California law also limits levies to a ten-year term. 

At D&T Legal Services, we believe no one can outrun their debts. You don’t have to search any further for another powerful practice! Contact us today to help get the money you are owed in Danville and beyond! 

Judgement Collection Service Fees

Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments (Client to provide writ, instructions, and pertinent documents.)

Contra Costa & Alameda Counties $160 min + Sheriff’s fee
All Other Counties $210 min + Sheriff’s fee
Document Preparation $25
Writ of Execution $85
Two Day Rush Service add $45 – $80

Real Estate

Levy or Attachments $300 min + Sheriff and Recorder fees