Judgment Collection For Concord, CA

Won a court case against a defendant and are owed a debt? Even after successful litigation, debt collection can often be a major struggle. Don’t go at it alone. D&T Legal Services is here to help with all judgment collection needs. We can help you get the payment you are owed in Concord, Contra Costa County, the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond! We specialize in the following collection methods: 

  • Targeting the debtor’s place of employment via wage garnishment. 
  • Going straight to the bank with a bank levy. 
  • Cashing in on attempted real estate sales with a lien. 

Collecting Your Cash: How It Works in Concord

After you’ve won a judgment, take some time and relax. There is no need to rush and chase the debt you are owed. In fact, we recommend that you do not. California state law gives debtors as much as 30 days to appeal a court ruling. Don’t remind the other party that they need to pay up, or they might just lawyer up instead! 

After you have enjoyed a break from the madness of legal battles, D&T Legal Services can help you collect your debt. We offer aid with wage garnishments, bank levies and real estate liens. We can also help you file the Writ of Execution you will need to collect your debts. 

Wage Garnishments in Concord

If you know where the debtor works, you are in luck. You can collect your cash straight from their next paycheck. Wage garnishments are the most straightforward of your collection options. They do have some possible pitfalls, however. One is that the other party must make enough money to be able to be collected from. Low income debtors may be exempt from this option. 

Bank Levies in Concord

If going after their paycheck isn’t an option, going after their bank account may be an alternative. While it is rare to know where the other party keeps their cash, that knowledge can give you access to their savings. Employing a bank levy gives you access to their savings. 

If you need help tracking down your adversary’s bank or credit union accounts, D&T Legal Services can help. We can locate bank accounts in Concord and beyond. 

This method of collection is rarely more than a one-time deal, however. The other party is free and able to move to a new bank after you have hit them the first time. 

Real Estate Levies in Concord

Does your debtor make too little to go after their wages? Are you unable to find their bank accounts? Property can be much easier to track down and put a claim on. A home, condo, commercial property or land owned by the other party are all potential targets under real estate law. Filing a levy entitles you to a part of the payment they receive if and when they try to sell their belongings. 

Real estate levies aren’t a magic trick, however. It can often be a big “if”, and possibly a never “when”. You may not be able to force the other party to sell their belongings. California law also limits levies to a ten-year term. 

Whether you are an individual, an attorney or a law firm working in many practice areas, we are here Whether a business, an individual or an established law firm attorney practice, D & T Legal can help. We work with law offices & practices throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. Whatever method of repayment you pursue, D&T Legal Services is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started collecting your debts in the Concord area and beyond! to help. It is time to get paid! Contact us today to have D&T Legal Services help you collect what you are owed! 

Judgement Collection Service Fees

Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments (Client to provide writ, instructions, and pertinent documents.)

Contra Costa & Alameda Counties $160 min + Sheriff’s fee
All Other Counties $210 min + Sheriff’s fee
Document Preparation $25
Writ of Execution $85
Two Day Rush Service add $45 – $80

Real Estate

Levy or Attachments $300 min + Sheriff and Recorder fees