Process Service

We can handle all of your process service needs anywhere in the United States. Our staff can provide status reports on outstanding assignments and furnish proofs of service promptly. Our registered and bonded process servers will make multiple attempts to serve at no extra charge. If our process servers encounter any problems in attempting to serve your document, we will provide you a detailed status report, and offer all possible solutions. We are available for rush service, stake-outs, or special assignments.

Service Request

Routine Service (First attempt in 72 hours. Two to three attempts per week.)
Contra Costa and Alameda counties
$70 min
All other counties in California
$90 min
Remote areas, hills, mountains
$110 min
Notary & out of state affidavit (add)
Serves going outside of California
$125 min
Rush Service (First attempt in 24 hours. Service attempted almost daily.)
Contra Costa & Alameda counties
$95 min
All other counties
(Overnight mail and fax extra)
$115 min
Substituted Service
Diligence report and proof of mailing
$10 + postage
Field Locate
.15¢ /page
File proof
$25 min
Do Today Assignments
Service of process, court filings, recordings and deliveries
$55 /hour + .55¢ /mile
Stake Out (Minimum two hours.)
Between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.
$70 /hour + .55¢ /mile
Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
$85 /hour + .55¢ /mile